For over 20 years I have traveled the world to work with companies, organizations, and industries to unlock the profit of laughter, levity and joy in their work cultures. From daily stakeholder to internal interactions we’ve worked to harness their untapped strengths to allow them to make positive and lasting development .

As an award winning improv comedian and professional speaker, I use energy, joy and my unique ability to keep a room laughing to help attendees remember their own strengths and become better leaders, managers, salespeople, and teammates. There’s a little laughter in all of us, we just didn’t realize that it was so profitable.

Having worked at some of the most notable improv comedy theaters in the world, including the world-famous Second City Theater, the iO Theater and ComedySportz in Chicago, IL, make it my job to delivering a keynote or breakout, uniquely crafted for your team. A program specifically designed to inspire, excite, energize and harness the full power of laughter to boost the bottom line.

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