If you’re looking for something other than a Keynote or speech, Pat also has breakouts, workshops and smaller sessions for teams of any size.  These sessions will work to boost your team’s ability to work together, to make both their internal and stakeholder communication more effective, to broaden their emotional intelligence, to hone their leadership acumen, energize their creative thinking and spark group cohesion.  Strategic and creative bump sessions from the ground up.

While each of these workshops will be tailored to the unique needs of your organization or event, below you’ll find a brief summary of Pat’s current Breakouts and Workshops:

Team Cohesion and Building

This hands-on breakout harnesses the power of shared experiences to bring participants together and allow them to move forward as a closer and more cohesive team.  Perfect for a single organization looking to rally their people or for conferences looking to find unique experiences to boost return attendance for years to come.


Interpersonal Communications: Give and Take

This breakout guides participants through some of the most used, rarely observed and deeply interpersonal communication skills available to them.  Guiding participants towards harnessing the power of give and take to catapult their communications skills forward. From team continuity to stakeholder management, it’s all a game of give and take.

Change Acceptance for Teams

This active breakout session gets participants on their feet to experience the positive power and mechanics of change first hand. Allowing participants to apply the tenants of their discoveries in real time by having an opportunity to apply these tangible applications of change and change acceptance within the confines of their own organization.

Creative Thinking

Thinking outside the box?  Why not think outside the whole neighborhood?  This breakout uses the skills of improvisation and acceptance to help you and your team shake out the mental blockers that keep us from being our most creative.  With tried-and-true energetic creative enablement techniques, this workshop helps you harness the power of every individual on your team; allowing you to find ways of approaching your existing problems from new angles.


This breakout works with participants to uncover the value of listening in their daily lives.  A program that dives in deeper than listening with just your ears, but touches upon a myriad of listening skills.  Luckily, what can be applied in the office, can be applied at home. Trust me! My wife still likes me.

See a skill your team needs a boost in?  Reach out to Pat!