Sharktapuppy –


The award-winning Chicago-based Branding, Creative and Production Collective spearheaded by Pat Dwyer and comprised entirely of working Comedians. 

Charged with creating the funniest, most informative, most connected branded material that can be produced.  If it’s Commercials, Online Content, Branded Content, Original Content or all new Comedic Creative, Sharktapuppy excels at connecting with your audience and making you look good.

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Kerpatty –

The accolade-showered, press-beloved and international award winning Sketch Comedy group Kerpatty.  Performing their unique brand of funny all over the planet… and YouTube.

Pat and Erin have been working together regularly for the last 10 years, generating original comedic material as often as their lives will allow.  Perhaps only marginally famous but still able to bring joy and laughter to audiences all over the globe.  In the words of themselves, and then the Chicago Tribune, “Pat and Erin are an absolute Funsplosion!”

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Coaching – 

Finding ways to bring your singular voice to the forefront.  Always positive, never “angry gym teacher”.  For over 15 years, Pat has worked with hundreds of individuals to develop their presentation and speaking skills.

Content, delivery, branding, voice and the business of professional speaking.  Pat will coach you through a series of personal sessions to help hone your message and skills.  As is often said: every step forward in presentation is a leap forward in demand.

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Punch-Ups –

What’s that you say?  You like information in poster form?


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