Humorous, Motivational and Energizing Keynotes, Speeches and emcee-ings of every shape and form, customized to meet the goals of your unique organization.

If it’s an injection of levity to increase both your productivity and corporate culture, to lead your team towards positive change, to better understand our strengths or to help put “Team” in “Work Better Together (a)(m)”, Pat has a keynote for you. 

See Pat’s programs below:

Corporate’s Dirtiest Word

There is a single word that brings a room to an abrupt and screeching halt. A word that’s considered so dirty that CEO’s quake at it’s very mention. A word so loaded that it could easily be a baked potato. Yet it’s also a word that can be used for the greatest possible good. Corporate’s Dirtiest Word will reveal this word, it’s stigma, it’s power and it’s dire importance to organizational success.

A Simple Act of Levitation

It’s easy to get lost in our world.  Easy to get caught up in the frustrations of the day. To get trapped in the day itself. Yet in putting up a conscious fight by sliding a bit of levity into our day, we find that we are not only more efficient but help those around us to succeed. A Simple Act of Levitation looks at the data behind and benefit of adding a direct injection of levity into our daily grind.

The Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

We can learn about emotional intelligence all day, and still not understand it. Let’s roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty and skip ahead to practical application. The Emotional Intelligence Toolkit uses real life examples to help break down the importance and benefits of emotional intelligence. Utilizing the tools we’ve already mastered.

Accept It!: Gowsh Darn It

Nothing is funnier than dealing with change.  Be it a new process at your company, a massive structural change or arriving home after dark to discover that your significant other has rearranged the furniture. Accept It!: Gowsh Darn It is about seeing the lighter side of change. While never comfortable, change is always enjoyable.

An Improv Comedian’s Guide to Life

The fame, the laughter, the unbridled job, the demoralizing lack of money:  An Improv Comedian’s Guide to Life is about using the improv comedy concepts of “Yes…And” in not only seeing joy but living it. A keynote about breaking down fear and living life to it’s fullest.

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For that matter, do you need an Emcee or Host that knows how to bring the funny but also how to seamlessly move your program forward in a succinct manner?  Pat is your guy!

Aside from being a host extraordinaire he’s also consulted on structure, directed and called shows, presentations and award ceremonies.